标题: 我国休闲农业发展研究
英文标题: A Study on Leisure Agriculture Development in Our Country
作者: 刘志青
出版时间: 2011-01-01
所在大学: 河北农业大学
关键词: 休闲农业,农家乐,农耕文化,乡村旅游
英文关键词: Leisure agriculture,Farmer happiness,Farming culture,Rural tourism
论文级别: 硕士
学位: 学位论文
导师: 赵邦宏
专业: 产业经济学
提交时间: 2011
摘要: 随着我国社会经济发展水平的提高和城市化进程的加快,休闲农业得到越来越多城市消费者的青睐.同时,发展休闲农业与乡村旅游已经提升为国家发展战略,是战略性新兴产业,成为我国当前农村产业结构调整和农业多功能开发的一条新路径,为农村居民致富拓展了方向,是建设现代农业、推进社会主义新农村建设、构建和谐社会的重要途径.近几年,浙江、江苏、安徽、北京、陕西等省市政府均大力推进休闲农业发展,形成了一批有特色的休闲农业示范基地、农家乐休闲村镇.带动了当地农民增收、农村村容村貌的改观、农业产业化园区功能的拓展.但在发展中也遇到很多制约因素与问题,如整体规划布局不尽合理、政策支持效率低、与传统产业功能不配比、配套设施不完备等问题.目前国家推进休闲农业发展政策上,提出了休闲农业园区创建星级评审、全国休闲农业示范县与示范点、开通信息交流平台等措施.但目前缺乏关于休闲农业的系统性理论分析与总结,因此,从产业经济角度对休闲农业的发展进行研究具有重大理论价值与现实意义.本文以国内外休闲农业发展的前沿研究成果为基础,探索性的分析了休闲农业发展对农民和城市居民的功能作用,休闲农业与传统农业、旅游业的关系与特征,提出了发展休闲农业应该遵循的基本理念、基本原则.全面分析了我国休闲农业发展的规模、结构、水平与趋势;研究显示,发展理念落后、政府支持效率低、用地矛盾突出、休闲产品同质化等因素制约了我国休闲农业的可持续发展.从理论与实践结合角度对我国休闲农业典型发展模式进行了系统总结,提出了农业体验型、高科技主导型、新农村建设型、奇异特色依托型等可行的经验做法及其推广应用的基础条件.对台湾地区、日本、美国等国家和地区休闲农业发展的先进经验进行提炼与总结,提出了规律性的做法与启示.最后,结合我国休闲农业发展实际情况,提出了政府加强规范标准引导、财政金融资金扶持和土地等相关政策支持,企业园区以市场需求为导向,纵向产业化融合、合作化经营等对策建议.
英文摘要: With the improvement of China's economic development and the acceleration of the urbanization process, leisure agriculture has been more and more accractive to the urban consumers. At the same time,devement of the leisure agriculture and rural toruism has been promoted to national devrlopment strategies,because it is a new strategic industeies.Leisure agriculture has not only cut a new way for the adjusting of agriculture industry structure and the multifunctional agriculture, but also expanded the direction for the rural residents. It is also an important way to construct the modern agriculture, promote the building of new socialist countuyside and build the harmonious society . In recent years, such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Beijing, Shaanxi provinces, governments have vigorously promote leisure agriculture development, and form a number of unique leisure agriculture demonstration bases,and farmer happiness towns.All of these have promoted the local farmers income, improved the village appearance, and expand the function of the agriculture industry parks. However, in the devement of the leisure agriculture,it has also encountered many constraints and problems. Such as the overall layout is not quite reasonable,ploicy support is low efficiency, traditional industries is not matching, facilities is inadequate and so on. At present, our country has made many policies to promote the development of leisure agriculture, proposed to create star review to the parks, established the demonstration towns,open platform for information exchange and other measures. Because lack of systematic theoretical analysis and conclution of leisure ageiculture, from industrial economic to study leisure agriculture has great theoretical value and practical significance.This paper take the broad nature of leisure agriculture development as the background, put the different functions of the leisure agriculture between rural residents and urban residents, anlysis the relationship between leisure agriculture and traditiona agriculture,tourism, then summed up the Basic concepts, basic principles that it should be followed. And then give a comprehensive analysis of the leisure agriculturescale, development, structure, level and trend. Studies have shown that, philosophy behind the devrlopment,low effiniency of the government support, the obvious contradiction of the land useness,leisure product homogeneity, and other factors restrict the development of leisure agriculture in China. Form the perspective of theory andpractice, we gave a systematic summary the leisure agriculture typical modes. And the we propose the experiernce and basic conditions for the application of some types of leisure agricuture in China, such as agricultural experience type, high-tech oriented type, new rural construction type and the type based on singular characteristics and so on. We refine and summarize the advanced experience of leisure agriculture of Taiwan, Japan, the United States and other countries or regions, and propose regular practice and enlightenment. Finally, with the actual situation of leisure agriculture development in China, we gave some countermeasures. The gomernmentshould steengthen related policies,such as the guidance of the normative standards, financial , capcity and land support. The parks should oriented to market demand, establish the industry vertical integration and co-operative.